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  1. I’m a Twit :)

    December 16, 2010 by admin

    After much research, I’ve finally joined Twitter. @KennyLyonsLMT

    I’ve watched statistics grow, read blog after blog, and endured (to a large part) the rants and raves of marketers. There are articles that scream to me that there are over 10 million members and I’m missing out on potential clients, that the future is now and it’s Twitter. I understand that some people believe it’s their job to ‘rally the masses’ but I also know that one has to really do research on your own to determine if any service is going to enhance your business. There are over 10 million members, but a report released in April of 2010 found that many don’t really use the service, at least not in the way most people think.

    During the last year I have polled my clients and found that while many knew of Twitter, no one used it, they saw no use for it. Hence, I saw no need to Tweet. Still, I receive emails and notices every week with new statistics and promises of new businesses.

    It does work on a basic level for some people, but I have found it depends on the community you live in as much as anything else and who you connect with through Twitter. Louisville is not always ‘with it’ when it comes to new trends which could explain it’s lack of popularity. Don’t get me wrong, there is a very active Tweeting community in Louisville, but not the numbers that others report in their cities.

    So, how did I end up a Twit? I do what do what any savvy business person does, I talked to my hipster 29 year old son, Corey Lyons. Kicking and screaming, he’s in the IT and software testing biz and absorbs himself into all things geeky – then kicks it out in his ‘loud and screamy’ band in Chicago. He’s excellent to bounce ideas off of and also responsible for my logo looking so great.!/MILLIONSDISTORT“>@MILLIONSDISTORT

    His assessment was what I had also gleamed from deeply examining statistics and reports – a lot of users, some better than others, but not necessarily the best thing since sliced bread. One thing it does extremely well is post to the web. I had been looking for a real-time solution to posting appointments on my website and facebook page with as little effort as possible and twitter became the solution. Twitter creates the user specific HTML code needed to create a scrolling window on any website. Place it on your homepage, published it, and Tweet away!

    Within hours of my Tweets going live on the website, a new client immediately saw that my 11:30 was open that morning and booked it. Do I credit Twitter with getting a new client? Hell yeah, just not in the way most folk said that I would. That may happen over time, but I’m happy with what this solution offers.

    It’s important to know how your clients connect with you to determine the best use of any social media service. Sometimes it’s only about branding yourself, which counts for everything in getting your company in front of potential customers, and done correctly, it can lead to new clients. I’m not expecting a flood of followers in my city, but Twitter has been a great addition to a highly trafficked website.