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  1. Are You Suffering from LRS?

    November 12, 2011 by Kenny

    No, not restless leg syndrome, but Leaf Removal Syndrome!

    As I drive between work and home, everywhere there are people raking or blowing leaves off their yards. Besides reminding me of what awaits me, I see unavoidable bad body mechanics and repetitive movements that are destined to create tired, sore muscles. Outside of hiring someone, I have yet to find a rake or removal system that even begins to truly minimize what this effort will do to your body. Leaf blowers may speed the process up a bit, but the bags are awkward and the sustained strain on your arms is considerably more than a rake.  Like most things in life, moderation and keeping yourself hydrated are the keys to minimizing aches and pains. Watching your body mechanics can be the difference between you watching that fall football classic on the sofa or soaking in a hot bath.

    A client recently came in to be treated for LRS, was moaning about how old she is and how it took her all day to remove her leaves, something she could easily do when younger. I asked if it was because we were getting older or wiser.  Perhaps when we were younger we were not smart enough to walk away from it. She left feeling much younger.

    Remember, they didn’t all fall (technically they are pushed off) to the ground in one day, so don’t feel like you heard a gauntlet drop and have to tackle them all at one time. It’s a losing battles for several weeks, learn to pace yourself, because next you’re picking up the leaves from your neighbor’s tree!

    And remember, the massage table is always waiting for you.