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  1. Help Your Massage Practice Grow

    January 18, 2012 by Kenny

    Massage therapists are very fortunate that there are so many individuals offering their expertise through Facebook and other internet channels. This gives you the power of comparison shopping, not only for ideas and processes that appeal to you but if you choose to pay for their services, to find the one that speaks directly to you. You need to choose the one you are comfortable with, that you find easy to understand, the one that demonstrates that they can relate to you one-on-one.

    They all come in different flavors! Some are very direct and to the point, others have become certified coaches and tend to teach through structured methods, some prefer to help with specific issues as they arise, and a few just need to stop. There truly is someone for everyone’s particular style of learning.

    Business mentors are invaluable for massage therapists. It’s an ever-changing and expanding craft we have chosen to pursue and we all need some assistance. If you can’t afford to hire one, at least network with them, they are good people to know and follow on Facebook.

    A good mentor should challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, but not force the issue, the great ones will have you stepping out of your zone before you even realize it. They will offer you support and often some tough love if you need it. My favorites are the ones who are quick to say “I need to get back to you on that”. The best mentors are also the best students, they never stop learning and are always willing to share their knowledge and experiences. These people have been, and in most cases, are still in the trenches and on multiple levels. Be sure to check out their credentials so you can better understand their perspectives on your practice.

    The least effective mentors will tend to be over opinionated, highly emotional and talk more about themselves and their achievements. Remember, there is no “I” in massage. Fortunately, from what I can determine, they are very few in numbers. While their comments may appear perfectly sound, it doesn’t take much thought to see that they fall short of being entirely accurate. Not always a terrible thing, but it’s as if they only see one side of a double-edged sword.