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Silence is Golden

28/11/2011 by Kenny

I meet many people in my practice that are relieved to find a Massage Therapist that doesn’t talk during a session. Most are expecting a quiet session while others admit that their previous MT just wouldn’t be quiet enough to allow them to relax. For those who don’t know or haven’t heard it before, there is a method to the madness!

Without getting too technical, there is a part of your Nervous System called the Parasympathetic Nervous System, or the “rest and digest” system. Simply put, it’s the part that is concerned with conservation and restoration of energy, as it causes a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure, and facilitates digestion and absorption of nutrients, and consequently the excretion of waste products.

Let’s travel gently into the realms of the Parasympathetic: the home of all relaxing, warm and contented feelings. When it is in control, it immediately begins to manufacture a sense of well-being. It brings peace where there was conflict. The Parasympathetic does everything in its power to restore harmony and equilibrium. As it relaxes muscles, blood vessels and internal organs, so the flow of all body fluids becomes easier, smoother, and fuller. It slows the heartbeat and deepens and softens breathing. It calms and changes the brain’s waves and patterns, bringing the quieter, more expansive states of mind that are so conducive to imagination and creative thinking. Slowly, under the right conditions, the Parasympathetic ensures that everything falls or clicks back into place. Everywhere that has been overstretched gets pulled back into line. Everything that has been contracted, begins to expand, and this expansion is experienced as pleasure. A really good night’s sleep is a perfect example. As unusual as it might be for most of us, waking up feeling refreshed from a thoroughly pleasant night’s sleep is solely the work of the Parasympathetic.

The PNS is when everything good happens to you and all of it occurs when you are asleep or resting. Hence, the silence during a massage. The quieter and more relaxed you become the more likely the PNS has a much greater chance of slipping into gear. Ever feel a bit loopy or out of it after a session? Now you know why!

On the other hand, if you feel a tad talkative and just need to unload a bit off your mind, it’s perfectly all right.

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