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My exploration with energy work began in the mid 1970s when my meditation and yoga practices led me to study Polarity Therapy, a system of balancing the energy of the body, and in some ways similar to Reiki. The first Reiki session I received was in 1974 and it had a profound effect on my well-being. Without so much as the practitioner laying a finger on me, my body was left feeling as if I had been through a very deep tissue massage, and my mind was left with a sense of clarity and calm I had never known outside of meditation.

Leap forward to 2003 when I decided to start a career in something I had been told since I was teenager I should pursue - massage therapy. It was during my second semester in 2004 that I decided to study Reiki and received all my attunements by Master Martin Lee from England. I strongly believe that my 30 plus years of meditation have given my ability to practice Reiki a very high level of intuitive channeling.

In December of 2004 I graduated from the Louisville School of Massage at the top of my class, and set out to pursue a new path of offering massage and Reiki to clients in the Louisville area. Reiki is always present during my massages and I believe that combined with my ability to focus, it has made me a much better massage therapist. The training I received in massage school, primarily my knowledge of muscles and anatomy and physiology, has enhanced my ability to scan and allow the Reiki to flow where it needs to go or focus it in specific places.

What I don't do is diagnose. It's unethical and as a massage therapist, against the law as well. I can offer you you positive affirmations about your well-being, but you will never receive 'bad news' during or after a Reiki session.
What is Reiki? (pronounced ray-key)

Reiki is a therapy, apparently based on an ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique, developed in Japan in the late 19th or early 20th cent. by Dr Mikao Usui (1865–1926), in which the therapist channels this energy through him- or herself into the patient by the gentle laying on of hands, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki is based on the concept that the flow of energy, or Ki, within our body is affected by our positive and negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Negativity is stored not only in the brain, but, also in various parts of the body, including the DNA patterns of our cells. This negativity limits and/or disrupts the flow of energy in these areas, allowing them to become unhealthy. More recently, this is perhaps more appropriately as a method of helping the body to relax, thereby increasing circulation assisting the body to return to a healthier and more vibrant state. Reiki was developed before scientific methods of measurement were available, and where it has been considered to helping the flow of "energy", it is now seen as more of a way to return the body to it's healthy state so that effort - or energy - is once again possible.

The Reiki sessions promote stress reduction, relaxation and healing.
  • It releases mental, emotional and physical blockages, thus, balancing the flow of energy within our body.
  • It leaves us in a relaxed state, feeling calm and at peace.
  • It opens blocked meridians within our body.
  • It helps us to become aware of our own natural healing ability.
  • It treats the body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole – giving a holistic healing approach to becoming better within our self and giving us inner guidance on how to lead a better quality life.
  • It is a simple, natural and safe method for self-improvement at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level that everyone and anyone can use.
  • It complements any medical or alternative or complementary therapies.
  • A treatment feels like warmth, heat, cold, electric currents, tickly, prickly or any other pleasant and/or comforting physical sensation surrounding or flowing through you, or you may simply feel nothing but deep relaxation!