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I believe that in order for massage to be the most effective, it should be a collaboration between client and therapist. A balance of communication beginning with the massage therapist listening closely to your concerns and needs, whether you are in need of a therapeutic or relaxing massage. I have established my practice by focusing on great customer care, listening to your needs and working towards giving the best massage experience I can offer. My years of experience and studies show in the application of techniques I have learned and my ability to adjust them to each individual.
The approach I take can be as simple as a relaxing Swedish massage or a more integrative approach, combining several techniques to help resolve your issues.

Feeling is believing! There is simply nothing else you will experience in your life that will compare to a massage. The sense of relaxation, the lack of stress or the relief of pain is unlike anything you can imagine. If you feel like you deserve this, then you owe it to yourself to make an appointment.

The typical initiation to therapeutic massage is usually motivated by the need to alleviate stress or a painful condition. However the benefits of massage therapy go deeper and offer you far more. Regular massage can greatly benefit your overall health and well-being. Whether you come for relaxing Swedish massage or a more rehabilitative therapeutic session, you will feel the effects in your mood and movement for some time.

Therapeutic massage continues to be proven by medical and scientific research as something everyone should embrace for a healthier lifestyle. Massage helps the body and mind stay balanced and healthy and helps you feel revitalized.

When you come in for your massage, you'll enter one of the most inviting and relaxing massage studios you've ever encountered. Relax Renew Revive Massage Therapy is centrally located in Saint Matthews, tucked away in a quiet office building and away from noise.

I hope you spend a few minutes exploring this site, learn about the benefits of massage therapy, and that we will meet soon for a session.

Wishing You Much Health and Happiness
Kenny Lyons, LMT